Thursday, November 15, 2007

"God's Wink"

A Story Beyond Coincidence

Written: March 15, 2012

I had one of those WOW moments today where God met me where I was and revealed Himself to me in such an amazing way. As I write, it has been nearly 5 years since I witnessed the 'Divine Miracle' that occurred on the white, sandy beach of Santa Rosa, Florida. Often, I find myself reminiscing to that day, as my mind replays the sequence of events that unfolded. It continues to give me a sense of awe and wonder of God's almighty LOVE, POWER and saving GRACE!

As I sat at my desk at work this afternoon, I was in the middle of an Instant Messaging (IM) conversation with a fellow colleague, Kyle Tilley. We were lining up our Managers' calendars to schedule an important meeting for next week when he casually mentioned that he was going to be out of the office all that week. Curious, I asked if he was taking a long, needed vacation. He said yes and typed that he was going to Destin, FL with his wife and in-laws. I responded that my family and I go to Destin for family vacations as well, although the last time we were there was in 2007. I explained that we usually stay in a small town on the outskirts called Santa Rosa, which is a bit quieter and a lot less touristy. He typed back in surprise stating that they too were staying in Santa Rosa and mentioned that his family rents a home there on the beach. I laughed to myself about the ‘coincidence’ and told him that I was going to email him a link to my blog (the one that you are reading) to share a pretty amazing story about a 'Divine Miracle' that occurred on that same beach in 2007. About 10-15 minutes passed before I saw my Instant Messanger blinking, indicating that he had written back. When I opened the screen, he had obviously just read my blog - he wrote in utter disbelief that he was there on that beach that day!!  I screamed “WWHHAATT!!!”… completely forgetting that I was at work at that very moment.  I couldn't believe what I just read. I practically sprinted to his office to speak to him face-to-face.  "You've got to be kidding me! You were there too?"   He said that while he was sitting on the beach that day with his fiance and family, all of a sudden someone ran up to them in a panic asking if they had seen a little boy who had gone missing - describing the exact details of his height, bright orange shirt, and curly blond hair. My mouth dropped open... I was shocked!!!... I explained to him that that "someone" was ME!!! We both couldn't believe it!!! He said that after I approached, his family immediately got up and joined in the search. They walked down the beach for about 1 to 2 miles but never located the boy. When they returned, he said everyone was already gone. 

Until now, he never knew what had happened or the outcome. In fact he said that this incident would come up in conversation throughout the years, but it always ending in a mystery.

I was absolutely astonished!!! My mind was trying to wrap itself around what I had heard.  How could it be that two total strangers who knew nothing of each other or their involvement in the rescue just so happen to 'bump' into each other almost 5 years later while living in the same city (800 miles from Santa Rosa), working at the same organization (Joyce Meyer Ministries), and practically sitting yards from each other?  We both were speechless... complete and utter amazement came over us!!!

What I experienced today goes far beyond 'coincidental' and into the realm of supernatural. It further demonstrates God's sovereignty and how everything works in His PERFECT time and in His PERFECT plan. It was as if God was "winking" at us to remind us that His presence is as real and close as it was on that unforgettable day back on July 8, 2007.

I pray that God will reveal Himself to you in extraordinary ways.  He loves you and is not angry at you.  Accept Christ into your heart today and your life will be forever changed.

John 3:16

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